CEREMONY PLANNING is an ongoing, participatory exhibition that explores ways of honoring nature in contemporary culture, curated by Fangyi Yang.

The project has received the Social Justice and Sustainability Awards (Leadership Category), MUSE Creative Awards, NYX Marcom Awards, and will be presented at the Architecture Humanities Research Association (AHRA) Conference in November, 2022.


For thousands of years, human beings have honored the life-giving forces of our earth through ceremony, ritual, and storytelling. These practices are the technology of indigenous people and are an intrinsic part of human wisdom.

Ever since the scientific breakthroughs in the late Renaissance, the anthropocentric view became influential, and the idea of “humans conquer nature” has been ingrained in our system. However, before we invent more human-centered products, how about we take a step back and think about how we connect to the land which enables us to live? 

Ceremony creates change and is transformative in itself, which can help us recultivate a harmonious relationship with the earth. By bringing ceremony into our life, we enter the state of reconnection to our life and nature, and learn to appreciate our invisible senses and connections thus discovering the ever-present beauty and guidance that nature provides.